bye bye probationary – keeeper trainee reports on the first three months of training


The first step towards the future … keep on working, keep on learning! Everyone knows the uncertain feeling on the first day of training. Thoughts like “How will it be? Is the training fun for me? Is my instructor satisfied?” are buzzing in the head, but then everything goes very fast and the first three months of training are quickly over. In the following, Yannick reports on his personal experiences during the first three months.

Hello, my name is Yannick and I am an industrial clerk at keeeper in my first year of training. For three months, I have been able to say “i am a keeeper”, and have just successfully completed my probationary period, which I will now briefly explain.

After only three months, I feel that I am a small, but still not unimportant, part of the company, even though I am currently in the second of a total of eight departments, which I will go through in my training. After I was able to familiarize myself with our products in logistics and got to know the day-to-day business, it has started in sales for me: Entering orders, making calls with customers, creating credit notes, making offers, editing promotions and much more…. I did not think that my colleagues would trust me so much right from the start, but they directly assigned demanding tasks to me. So, my self-confidence was quickly strengthened and I’m ready to take more responsibility. It is really interesting to look behind the “facade” of the company and to get to know structures and ways of working, because simple tasks often require precise details. This makes clear that each department is in some way linked to the others and that they depend on each other.

I tried to fit into the department quickly and I really like the helpfulness and the generous tolerance for mistakes. My colleagues are very happy to help me when I have questions or problems, which cannot be excluded in the first few weeks and months.

Recently, I got my first real customer order by email, which motivated me a lot and made me realize that I am a full member of the sales team – a very good feeling. Even the first customer contact on the phone is initially unusual and difficult, but now it is one of the fixed components of my daily work.

In the meantime, I was being trained by a trainee from third year of apprenticeship in the subject of trade fairs, including stand construction and inventory management. In the near future, I will even be able to spend a day with a sales representative, a rather exciting time for me.

Although it will be more difficult, I hope to grow in the many challenges of training and when it says “training completed”, you will hear from me again at the latest.

See you soon, Yannick!