keep on living

There’s always something going on here! From job fairs to events, campaigns to attractions – there’s always something happening at keeeper’s site in Stemwede. Details of what, where, when and why can be found on this page, along with insights into our day-to-day work, and indeed tips and facts about the world of keeeper.

How do I receive the right training place? – application tips from Melina

Where can I find addresses for open training places? Finding open training places is easier than you might think at first.

6 weeks living and working abroad to get the Additional qualification – commercial EU competence

The additional qualification "commercial EU competence" makes you fit for professional contact with foreign business partners.

My first day at keeeper company as an apprentice

"keep on working" is what it's now called for rebecca. In the blog she tells what she experienced on her first day at keeeper as an apprentice.

Post A Levels – Apprenticeship or University Study?

After successfully leaving school, A Level students have the agonising choice: Do I start an apprenticeship or would going to university be better for me?

bye bye probationary – keeeper trainee reports on the first three months of training

The first step towards the future ... keep on working, keep on learning! Everyone knows the uncertain feeling on the first day of training.

keep on rocking at the stemweder open air festival

keeeper is located in an extremely idyllic location – in the middle of stemwede, far away from the concrete jungle. the slogan here is: pure nature and beautiful countryside, as far as the eye can see.

keep on driving – with attention and greatness

keeeper is a plastics company based in Stemwede. keeeper is cool. Yeah! But what has a VW T2 Bulli got to do with keeeper? Quite a lot, actually... all will be revealed here. All aboard for a thrilling test drive.

organising careers fairs – keeeper trainee testimonies (part 2)

keep on working, learning and having fun. does that sound strange? no, for keeeper it is a reality, and one that we live and breathe every day.

organising careers fairs – keeeper trainee testimonies (part 1)

Far from making coffee and sorting files... the motto of keeeper trainees is “keep on creating”.

it’s a man’s world – so what?

During a training day at keeeper, I found out about the tool maker training scheme for the first time.

water-skiing on the alfsee lake

Winter is over, so it’s off with the ski boots, on with the skis! What? Yes, that’s right!

good training for more than just order

After leaving school, I visited the bam careers fair in Espelkamp – as well as the Aubi-Plus online portal – to research my options, and soon came across keeeper (or “okt”, as it was called then).

keeeper gmbh receives the ,,BEST PLACE TO LEARN®“ quality mark

keeeper GmbH is now entitled to bear the “BEST PLACE TO LEARN” quality mark, which it has been awarded by AUBI-plus GmbH.

The Stemweder Open Air Festival

We should not really have written this report. The Stemweder Open Air Festival cannot really be described.

Family-friendly Stemwede

A lot of work is done for families in Stemwede and the surrounding areas – in particular to help the work-family balance.

What’s on in Stemwede & the surrounding area

In Stemwede nothing is wrong? You must be joking! Here a few examples what one can undertake in our location and all around everything