we are keeeper.

We are the brand for plastic household goods for the kitchen, children’s room and basement, household, shed and garage. We love when things are organised and we love to clean up. We are one of the biggest companies in our industry in Europe and we are looking for employees who share our values and want to make people’s daily lives a little bit easier. We offer jobs for life: a lifelong good life.

Ansprechpartner Beate Lipke

“from stemwede into the world – this not only applies to our products but also to our employees. whoever chooses a job at keeeper opens many career opportunities in various locations. including stemwede, which is a great place to live!”

Beate Lippke


„a solid training is the a and o for a successful career. We at keeeper provide knowledge, values and leave room for own experiences – combined with fun and variety. Feeling comfortable, being challenged and supported is what makes us different – even beyond training.“

Dorina Saeger

keeeper sp. z o.o.
ul. mokra 3
PL-85-810 bydgoszcz

fon: +48 (0) 52 360 45 00
fax: +48 (0) 52 360 45 06
e-mail: info@keeeper.pl

keeeper GmbH
postdamm 43
D-32351 stemwede

fon: +49 (0) 5773 8 01-0
fax: +49 (0) 5773 8 01-50
e-mail: info@keeeper.de

keeeper s.a.
rue du progrès 10/1
B-6220 fleurus

fon: +32 (0) 81 61 16 93
fax: +32 (0) 81 61 13 93
e-mail: info@keeeper.be